Why Us?

Your goals are our goals. Your objectives drive what we create. We make it a priority to understand and document these goals and use them as a touchstone to keep in mind the big picture, as well as crucial details, throughout the development process.

Technology matters. Despite the hype surrounding so-called “self-service” tools, building websites is actually software development. Wired Moon brings deep experience as well as the latest skills to bear on backend solutions – plus the good sense to remember that requirements drive technology, not the other way around.

So does creativity. Whether it’s subtle or spectacular, users want a web presence to be clean, clear, and immediately usable. Our outstanding visual design work not only makes a strong first impression, but helps turn initial impact into a lasting engagement.

So do people. We take a very robust approach to the user experience, using qualitative and quantitative analysis, best practices for accessibility and usability, and a variety of testing methodologies. It’s a bit of a paradox that it takes complex tools and processes to make a website seem simple and easy, but the proof is in the results.

So does money. We treat your budget as if it were our own. We’ll question, prioritize, plan, and even push back to make sure your resources work as hard for your strategic objectives as you do. And we’ll keep our eyes on those priorities as the plan inevitably twists and turns between concept and completion.

We’re here to stay. Modern websites don’t reinvent themselves every year or two – they evolve incrementally all the time. For more than a decade we’ve based our service model on the idea that initial rollout, maintenance, updates, and ongoing customer support are all one process, and one commitment.